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Monday, May 01, 2006

American Backlash to Illegal Aliens (Immigrants)

I surfed the internet for acouple hours today to see what reaction there was to the "Great American Boycott 2006".

"A day without an illegal.
And we survived.
We passed the test, they can all go back home now."

"I think its great that Americans were there to do the jobs that illegal immigrants wouldnt do."

"Here in Texas it was absolutely wonderful, our streets were less crowded our storesand reataurants were less crowded there are just way to many of them here!! Oneis actually one to many!"

"Went to Walmart for the first time in 3 yrs, it was nice. Traffic on the highways was a heckuva lot less and easy to get around today.
I love this day without illegals. Everyday please!"

"Traffic was much nicer around Northern Virginia as well. I'll take 365 days without illegal invaders, please..."

"I thought it was just me. My drive to/from work was nothing short of FANTASTIC!!. No trespassers in the left lane driving 5 miles per hour below the speed limit in fear of being pulled over."

"I love it. Everything seems so much better. The suburbs are like heaven this day.
Can we have this done every day?"

"It was a great day! It was SO good not seeing the illegal criminals standing on all of the street corners on the way to work this morning. I e-mailed the President as soon as I got to work telling him how pleasant it was."

" And we survived.

Survived? This is one of the best days I can remember. It's worth deporting a couple of hundred thousand just for the traffic benefit."

"I don't care if they come to American and want to be Americans. I have a problem with them coming to America and wanting to be Mexicans."

"Folks get home earlier because the traffic is lighter. Shopping is more pleasant. Classrooms, in LA particularly, are far less crowded.
They aren't needed, President Bush. They can go home to Mexico."

"A day without immigrants is bliss."

"LA traffic is superb today."
"Note to illegals: Stay home permanently and that'll really teach us a lesson."

"In Georgia, it was an absolute failure."
"I can attest to that. Absolutely no difference except MARTA was less crowded."

"Not only did we survive.... but it was so much better on the road today. We need at least one boycott per week to thin out traffic."

"That does not surprise me in Texas. It did surprise me here in South Carolina. I went to the post office and there were three people in line. I went to Wal Mart and there were 30 to 40% fewer people than I usually find there on Monday evenings. The traffic was light everywhere. I never realized how much of the crowding in our booming Sun Belt community was due to illegal aliens. I knew they were much more visible in our community, but today I no longer believe there are 12 million illegals in the USA. As much difference as their absence made in my small community, there must be many more than that."

"Today was pure bliss on the highways & side roads. Traffic flowed freely & there was parking everywhere. I made it to & from work in half the time. I was in & out of the bank & Post Office in record time."

"I heard class size was cut in half & the english speaking kids actually learned things today. People actually got seen in the emergency rooms with little wait time."


"It was great here today - shopping and driving 101 North hasn't been this easy to navigate in a very long time!"

"My wife went to Walmart on Sunday. Normally it is almost deserted with all the local LDS population at church. It was wall to wall Mexicans stocking up so they could put on a show today."

"Traffic was great, My commute was cut by 50%. I actually was able to break the posted speed law the entire way to work.
It looks like all we need to do to solve the traffic nightmare in Southern California is to enforce the immigration laws."

"Today was a great service to those of us who want to make sure our hard-earned dollars support those who love the U.S. and respect our laws."

"I liked what a caller to Rush's show said about the boycott and protests. He wanted illegals to be banned from all emergency rooms, free gov't services, etc., for the same length of time to see how it all balances out."

It doesn't sound like it was a smashing success, from the "illegals'" standpoint.
It does however, seem to show what contributes to our traffic congestion.

And yes, I just posted the nicer ones.


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