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Sunday, April 23, 2006

May Day ... May the Day be a Flop

May Day ended in the United States in 1905. It was replaced by Labor Day on the first Monday of September and sanctioned by the federal government in 1894.

From that time onward, May Day in the United States was organized by the left wing of the labor movement, against the more conservative labor bureaucracy. In 1910, for example, the Socialist Party brought 60,000 into the streets of New York City for May Day, including 10,000 women of the Shirt Waist Makers' Union. Five hundred thousand ( sounds familiar, doesn't it? ) workers marched on May Day in 1911.

In 1919, following the now-certain victory of the workers and peasants in the Soviet Union, a vicious red scare swept the U.S. May Day rallies were attacked both in the press and physically.

From 1919 onward, the success of May Day in the United States would depend on the success of the communist movement.

Keywords for May Day are; social justice, economic justice, solidarity, coalition work, equality, global community, strikes, marx, socialist, eight-hour day, Knights of Labor, anarchists, International Working People's Association, class struggle, Marxist International Socialist Congress, proletariat, communism.

Protest Rally on May Day 2006

This is the day chosen by various groups attempting to streamline the acceptance of illegal aliens into the United States as "guest workers". In Latin America, the day has its meaning of a mere labor day. Individuals opposed to this project have already posted internet sites which refer to the use of the day by Communist governments in the Cold War.

There are 106 organizations(as of 4/11/06) supporting the upcoming May 1 ‘Great American Boycott of 2006’ of which include;

Berkeley May 1st Mobilization Committee (Berkeley, CA)
Communist League
Communist Party USA Wisconsin section (Green Bay, WI)
Communist Party, USA Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)
Freedom Socialist Party (Seattle, WA)
Industrial Workers of the World (Cincinnati, OH)
International Socialist Organization (Los Angeles, CA)
Liars of America (Middletown, CA)*
May Day Boston (Boston, MA)
Revolutionary Workers Party of Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Third Way Peace and Justice Fellowship (San Francisco, CA)
Workers Solidarity Alliance

Bob McCloskey - Democratic Candidate 29th Congressional District (Monterey Park, CA)
Feminism Without Borders (College Park, MD)
Fight Imperialism Stand Together (San Diego, CA)
Idaho Progressive Student Alliance (Boise, ID)
Immigrant Students in Action (Providence , RI)
Peace & Freedom Party of Orange County (Anaheim, CA)
Queers For Peace And Justice (New York, NY)
Project Islamic HOPE (Los Angeles, CA)

*This group I have never heard of but it could very well be an off-shoot of CAIR or the ACLU;)

I could not find ANY known conservative group supporting this... I seriously wonder why we have Republican Senators ready and willing to support it.


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