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Thursday, November 02, 2006

DUmmie Dems Delve into Delusion

liberals don't believe that our soldiers should enjoy and exercise the rights they are fighting for.

Comments lifted from democraticunderground (DU)

46. While on duty and while wearing the uniform no less. tsk tsk

The rest of them show their "Support" for our troops.

Laughing until their various limbs become detached suddenly or their minds become forever polluted/corrupted by what they see and do daily. Laugh it up.

I thought that the guys in that photo were laughing with Kerry,
not at him.

But they're NOT making fun of Kerry's comment. They're making fun of
Kerry's comment as twisted, manipulated and prevaricated about by the Neocons in Washington for political purposes.
Big difference.

The photo was photoshopped from another post on here yesterday.

"I support the troops," but this crew is a bunch of deluded A**HOLES!

Yes a lot of them are mindless low hanging fruit

Glad to see their steady diet of Rush Limbaugh and copious free time allows them to paint banners like high school cheerleaders to take potshots at the real enemy - American Democrats trying to get them home.

I feel real uncharitable about this group - I'd love to hear wtf is going on in their pointy little heads, you know, if they ever actually come home.

Those soldiers demonstrated just how smart they really are.

Ridicule the guy who wants to get you out of there. Help the guy who might cause you to come home in a body bag from a failed foreign policy adventure. We'll see how amused they are next time an IED blows up in their faces.

Any sympathy Americans started to have for the troops who are literally "stuck" over in Iraq just went down the drain...."oh, well, I guess they WANT to be there."

The fact is, they have violated a federal law, a blatant Violation of the Hatch act..

If they engaged in partisan activity against Bush a.) while on duty and b.) while wearing the official military uniform, they would surely be pulling some extra duty at the very least.

Truly INTELLIGENT People Understood the Joke (was about Bush) Sorry the Rethugs are so STUPID and DENSE!

Kerry merely stated an inconvenient truth.
The the cannon fodder are composed mostly of the poor and less well educated.
He should have stated the case even more clearly than he did.

Now I'm off to shower...


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