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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Many Modern 'Liberals' are Indeed Un-American

By JB Williams
Dec 3, 2005

First, many modern liberals aren’t liberal at all today. Instead of seeking to expand personal freedom and liberty like the liberals of old, they seek to remove freedoms and liberties from others to support their federal dependency. There ain’t nothin’ American about that!

Just so you don’t miss the point, let’s keep it simple and straight forward. People from other countries who hate American principles are called “anti-American”. People from America who hate those same American principles are called “un-American”. Too simple?

Oh I know - it’s politically incorrect to use the term “un-American” when referring to people who call themselves American. That’s as good a place to start as any. Unlike the French, real “Americans” couldn’t care less about political correctness. So get over it and learn to accept whatever title you have earned.

Frankly, there is no more appropriate term than “un-American” to describe the behavior of many liberals living in America today. Being born or legally residing in America does not make one American. Sure, legally it does, but that’s all. Being an American requires much more than just calling this piece of real estate home.

What is an American? If America is an idea, a vision, a set of common beliefs based upon a love and respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, freedom, self-governance and self-determination; - then being an American must mean being one who upholds, supports, protects, promotes or defends these principles.

American is an overused term today, just like the term “hero”. I saw Chris Matthew’s from Hardball interviewing one of the congressmen recently scuffed up in an auto accident while joy riding around Iraq the other day, referring to him as a “hero”. Why, because he visited Iraq and got scuffed in a car wreck? I’m not sure how this qualified the good congressman as a “hero”, but it did in Matthews mind.

On the other hand, if getting three purple hearts in three months, all from self-inflicted surface scratches, none of which required medical treatment, qualifies you as a “hero”, why not a scuff from a fender-bender?

Some call Rep. Jack Murtha a “hero” and I’m not suggesting he isn’t. But did he earn this title by actually performing some act of notable heroism while serving in Vietnam? He might have? Or did the act of serving alone earn him the title? I don’t know his war record, but I’m pretty willing to call just about anyone who ever wore a US military uniform a hero. So fine…

I have enormous respect for Murtha or anyone who ever wore a US uniform in defense of my country. But I’m not sure that this act alone makes anyone a “hero” by definition. Certainly, many over the years have served in uniform, who were not a “hero”, like the kid that rolled a hand grenade into his CO’s tent at the beginning of Gulf War II, or the people caught playing stack-the-naked-terrorist at Abu Ghraib prison. Soldier yes – hero no!

The point is - calling everyone a hero dishonors those who have actually earned that title. Likewise, calling everyone an American just because they legally reside in America dishonors those who earn that title by loving, supporting and defending those good ole American principles.

Is it possible to be an American if you don’t believe in, support or defend fundamental American principles? The truthful answer is no, it isn’t. America is nothing more than a belief system based upon a set of principles. We can disagree on the details of implementation all we want. But if you don’t hold dear those basic American ideals, or if you spend your time fighting against those principles, you are not American, no matter what the address on your ID says. Both American and un-American are behavioral patterns, not just legal terms of residency.

This is the basis in which so many of today’s so-called “liberals” qualify as un-American and like it or not, real Americans who do uphold true American principles have run out of tolerance for those who don’t. Hence, the recent willingness to call them as they see them…

Liberals are confused and perplexed by this recent development. They are offended that anyone would dare call them just what they are on the basis of how they behave. But isn’t it about time we start calling things what they are, while we still remember what they are?

What would you call a congressman who used his Top level Security clearance to view Top Secret intelligence concerning a known enemy of America, only to then privately travel halfway around the globe to tell all he knew about Top Secret policy plans, helping our enemy prepare a defense?

We use to call someone like this a traitor, guilty of treason. Today, we call him a patriot for boldly demonstrating his dissent against American policy. His name is Senator Rockefeller…and he did just that in 2002, while Chairmen of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. American or un-American behavior? You tell me…

What about someone who stands before an international audience including our enemy and calls American soldiers, currently risking life and limb in defense of our nation “Nazis”? American or un-American behavior? His name is Senator Dick Durbin and he has clucked for the international camera more than once, calling his country a terrorist state operating “Gulags”. An act of American patriotism or anti-Americanism?

How about a Senator whose military band-of-brothers call him “unfit for command”, who recruited a few socialist America-bashing billionaires in an effort to buy a ride in the oval office chair he would win no other way? American or un-American? His name is John Kerry, and he wants to try again in 2008.

The examples of un-American politicians are nearly endless today. How about the people who vote for them? Hate capitalism? That’s a shame since America was designed, founded and became the world’s most prosperous and generous nation on the basis of a free-market capitalist economy. Capitalism = Americanism…

Hate religious speech? That’s too bad… The founders seldom completed a single sentence without referring to their religious beliefs and they wrote the First Amendment for the purpose of insuring that free religious expression would always be part of the social discourse in this country. Fundamental morality and free religious expression = American.

Believe in abortion? Unfortunately for you, the American founders wrote about an inalienable God given “right to life”, not any right to abort life for convenience sake, which has become the single largest affront on life, liberty and happiness in America today. Abortion = un-American.

Patriot, one who loves, supports and defends his country. Nowhere can you find a definition of patriot that says one who hates, undermines, circumvents, attacks and seeks to destroy the founding principles of his country.

In the federal government you trust? Sorry… Not an American concept - a socialist concept. Hate corporations? Is profit a dirty word in your world? Looking to vote yourself money from the treasury by electing officials willing to rob others on your behalf in exchange for your vote? Again, as un-American as robbing your next-door neighbor just because he has more…

You can call yourself anything you want, it’s America. But the rest of us get to call you what you actually are…”un-American”. If you spend your time or vote for people who spend theirs, attacking fundamental American principles, there is no more appropriate term available.

If you want us to stop calling you un-American, try acting American. If you don’t love, support, promote and defend true American principles and ideals, you are by all accounts, un-American.

Why are pro-abortion people offended when someone calls them a baby killer, but not offended by the act of killing babies itself? I have never figured that out???

The same people are offended by just about everything America is, ever was or was ever intended to be. So why aren’t they proud of the title un-American? They are clearly proud to be un-American, just not happy with the title that accompanies their behavior. Why?

I believe in fundamental American principles and would proudly die defending those ideals. I am proud to be a true American. If I were proud of socialist principles, I’d be just as proud to be called a socialist. Why aren’t they?

Well, offended or not… they had better learn to live with the title they have worked so hard to earn. Acting against America IS by definition un-American.

Deep down, they know who and what they are. They don’t find it the least offensive to be un-American. But being called un-American is quite another story…

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy.

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Blogger Bing said...

you know not of what liberalism is today. Starting from this your rationale for today's liberal being unAmerican is way off the mark. You may percieve certain liberal ideas as being unAmerican because they are designed for some sinister purpose you see as unAmerican. The reality is, right punditry have demonized and twisted, spliced and edited material to make liberalism into something it is not. In short, you don't "know" liberalism today. You are only parroting the same stereo typical false hoods. We agree more than you think, it's a shame the right wants to keep the country divided. Personally, I take great pride in being American.

12/07/2005 6:57 PM  
Blogger loboinok said...

"In short, you don't "know" liberalism today."

Go to the article I just posted and read it! Its better if you go to the end of the article and click on the the last link.
That will take you to Part I that I posted at Stop the ACLU back in August I believe, and read it first.

I find NOTHING I disagree with in either article!

12/07/2005 10:37 PM  
Blogger Toad734 said...

Was this your son’s high school project or something? It sounds like it was written by a 9th grader.

"Abortion is un-American"

That’s a good one.

Since there is an obvious infinite amount of bullshit in this article I will just skip all the rebuttals by saying the main problem with this is that the author’s definition of "American" sounds like it was derived from a country music song, not what America really is.

12/08/2005 12:34 PM  
Blogger loboinok said...


Little too deep for ya?

Or was it just... way over your head?

12/08/2005 1:44 PM  

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